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It is hereby notified that the COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) will be officially closing for the 2022 festive holidays as from Wednesday 21 December 2022 to Tuesday 10 January 2023 and will reopen on Wednesday 11 January 2023.

Kindly take note that during this period, the Office of the Registrar of the Commission will be closed for notification of transactions. With regard to transactions already notified or filed and under consideration, the computation of time during this period will be adjusted in accordance with Rule 3(2) of the COMESA Competition Rules which reads:


“Where the time prescribed by or allowed under these Rules for doing an act or taking a proceeding expires on a Saturday or Sunday or on a day on which the office of the Registrar is closed, the act may be done or the proceeding may be taken on the first day following that is not a Saturday, Sunday or day on which that office is closed.”


The Commission wishes all its stakeholders a Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023.


The Registrar

COMESA Competition Commission

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Click here to download the Notice of Closure of 2022 Festive Holidays