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CCC-CP-NOTICE-2 of 2018


Notice is hereby issued by the COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) pursuant to Article 30 (1) (b) of the COMESA Competition Regulations (the “Regulations”), following its CCC-CP-Notice-No.-1-of-2018 on the Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa, to warn the general public as an additional precautionary measure and avoid consumption of limited number of affected meat products.

Food safety is of a paramount important to consumers in the Common Market and the Commission takes all issues regarding the production of food, specifically those traded in the Common Market, seriously.

CCC-CP-Notice-No.-1-of-2018 was issued following the recent announcement of the Department of Health in South Africa on the source of the Listeriosis outbreak and safety recall notices by the National Consumer Commission (NCC) of South Africa to Tiger Brands Unit – Enterprise Food and Rainbow Chickens Limited. In this respect, CCC-CP-Notice-No.-1-of-2018 warned consumers against the consumption of the recalled processed meat products which are sold ready-to-eat including polony, viennas/sausages and other cold meats. The Commission wishes to inform the public that CCC-Notice-No-2-of-2018 is issued, as an additional precautionary measure, to warn the consumption of a limited number of meat products, especially viennas and cold meats, listed below:

  • Wafer Thin Chargrilled Ham
  • Wafer Thin Roasted Chicken
  • Wafer Thin Smoked Ham
  • Wafer Thin Cooked Ham
  • Wafer Thin Smoked Chicken
  • Sliced Lean Ham
  • Ham Selection
  • Country Ham
  • Smoked & Roasted Gammon
  • Lunceon Meat
  • Cold Meat Assortment
  • Smoked VIennas
  • Red Viennas
  • Cocktail VIennas
  • Smoked Cheesy Viennas
  • Bulk Salami Sticks
  • Salami Sticks
  • Plain Sticks
  • Plain Salami Sticks
  • Spicy Salami Sticks
  • Plain Salami Bites
  • Coriander Salami
  • Spicy Salami Bites
  • Sliced Salami
  • Salami
  • German Salami
  • Sliced Peppered Salami
  • Spicy Salami
  • Local Chorizo

In this regard, the Commission wishes to inform the general public to surrender to relevant authorities of COMESA Member States among others Public Health Departments, any of the products listed above including opened and empty packaging. The Commission has further invoked Article 31 (2) (b) of the Regulations and directed the manufacturers of the said products to cease the exportation into or sale to the public by their distributors and related dealers in the Common Market until such a time when the situation returns to normalcy and the general public are informed accordingly.

Should you require more information or clarification on the matter you may contact the undersigned on +265 1 772 466 or email:

Click here to download the Notice of the Commission issued on 15th March 2018, CCC-CP-Notice No-1-of 2018, Warning the Public on the Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa.

Click here to download the English Version pdf format of the CCC-CP-Notice-2-of-2018.

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