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CCC Notice No. 2 of 2020

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the COMESA Competition Commission (“Commission”) shall observe the official holidays recognized by the host country, the Government of Malawi. Consequently, the Commission would like to notify all its esteemed customers that the Office of the Registrar would be closed in the Year 2020 on the following dates:-

Official Holiday Date
New Year’s Day 1st January 2020
John Chilembwe Day 15th January 2020
Martyrs’ Day 3rd March 2020
Good Friday 10th April 2020
Easter 12th and 13th April 2020
Labour Day 1st May 2020
Kamuzu Day 14th May 2020
Independence Day 6th July 2020
Mother’s Day 15th October 2020
Christmas 25th December 2020

The Commission would like to remind the concerned persons that the closure of the Office of the Registrar would alter the computation of time by the Commission in accordance with Rule 3 (2) of the COMESA Competition Rules which read as follows:

“Where the time prescribed by or allowed under these Rules for doing an act or taking a proceeding expires on a Saturday or Sunday or on a day on which the office of the Registrar is closed, the act may be done or the proceeding may be taken on the first day following that is not a Saturday, Sunday or day on which that office is closed.”